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Your new building is finished and the keys are ready to be handed over. The owners and building manager are prepared for a week of walk-through training sessions on every system from mechanical to irrigation, and every sub has been scheduled to provide detailed explanations of their work.


How do you make a good hand-off even better?


Shaky iPhone clips with too much background noise isn't the lasting impression you want to leave behind. Let us handle the production and rest assured every training session will be covered from all angles with optimal lighting and clear audio. Fill out the short form to the right or email us directly for more information.

sample montage from some of our recent jobsites (three minutes)

• High-resolution video footage

• Microphone for clear sound in even the noisiest jobsites

• Concise, edited videos of each individual training

• Short motion graphics introduction for each clip

• Three USB flash drives branded with your company

     logo and the building project name

• Finished videos in MP4, WMV, and AVI file formats to

     maximize viewer compatabilty

Thanks! Message sent.

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